One fish, two fish, red fish…

As promised, here’s a list of the posters we’ve put up:

  • Dear Haverford, Consent is sexy. Love, SOAR
  • Consent. Just Do It.
  • When you asked if you could kiss me, I loved it.*
  • Sexual assault can happen in public. Ask me if I want to dance.
  • What’s scarier than the stranger in a dark alley? The friend in your bedroom who won’t take no for an answer.
  • Just because you said you’re sorry, doesn’t mean you didn’t rape me.
  • My skirt may be short, my top may be low, but that doesn’t mean that I’m ready to go.
  • I had trust, concern, and respect for the person who assaulted me.
  • Just because I’m wearing a hot outfit, doesn’t make me hot for you.
  • Sexual assault. Not just a woman’s issue.*
  • Hearing you say yes really turns me on.
  • My erection ≄ My consent
  • Don’t be afraid, I’m not made of glass, but get my permission before touching my ass.
  • Don’t tell me that I want it. Ask me how much.
  • I’m a victim of your language choice. I’m a survivor of my sexual assault.
  • If I won’t say “yes,” I’ll never say “YES, YES, OH GOD YES!”
  • Rape is not just an academic discussion to me.
  • One fish, two fish, red fish, keep your penis to yourself.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and if I want your vagina I’ll ask for it.
  • You signed the Honor Code, but you still assaulted me.
  • If you see something, say something. Be an active bystander.
  • Scholar. Athlete. Artist. Rapist. What are your extracurriculars?
  • YES! YES! YES! Real consent is enthusiastic
  • I was raped at Haverford. Let’s talk about it.
  • I see you at the DC, and I know you assaulted me. Do you?
  • I ♥ consensual sex!

*Coming soon


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