We Are Not Alone: Rape Culture at UVM

Thanks to Samantha for posting about this on our Facebook site.

Haverford is not the only campus where students are working to end on-campus sexual violence and rape culture.  Students at UVM have started a petition calling for firm administrative action to address the existence of sexism and rape culture on their campus.  This comes in response to a series of acts over the past year, the most recent being the circulation of a survey to new members by a member of the campus chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon, which included the question “If I could rape someone, who would it be?” (for more information, read the original article at Jezebel).  In addition to taking action against rape culture, the petition calls for the immediate disbandment of Sigma Phi Epsilon.  Sign their petition and show solidarity for students across the nation working of this issue.

The equation of sex with rape in this question speaks to the presence of rape culture on many campuses across the country, including Haverford’s.  Rape-inciting events have occurred on our campus in the form of defaced Consent is Sexy posters, one (among many) of which was altered to read “No consent? Just do it.”  These acts are indicative of the presence of rape culture here–an issue we must work together to address as a community.


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