New Posting Guidelines

Recently, we’ve been seeing an increase in blog posts taken wholesale from another site. We’ve approved them in the past, but we will no longer be accepting posts that have more than one or two paragraphs quoted from another site or blog (as is the standard on most blogs). That’s for a few reasons:

  1. It’s poor netiquette. Posting all of the content from an outside post means that the original site doesn’t get the traffic. That’s not fair to the bloggers who worked hard to create original content.
  2. We’re looking for as many points of view as possible, but we’re generally more interested in voices from within Haverford (and the Bi-Co). We want to hear what you have to say about outside points of view.
  3. Short quotes from outside sources allow you to focus the conversation on the points you think are interesting.

The most common way to do quotes like this is as follows:

This is a block quote that I created by clicking the quote button to the right of the numbered list. [from]

For accessibility reasons, the web standard is to hide the url behind readable text; you should say “from,” not “from” See how the second one is more difficult to read and hides the title of the page? For more info, see the links support page.

If you just want to add a link and don’t want to say anything about it, go to the format box on the right of the editor and select Link. Add a title, and then put the link in the text box, still using the readable format above.

If you’re having trouble with the formatting or if you need help with readable titles, write **NOTE TO ADMINS** at the top and tell us what your problem is. We’ll fix it for you before approving the post. If you have general questions, comment here and we’ll try to help you out.

Don’t worry about posts that are already up–we weren’t clear about any of this in the beginning. We’ll go back through and edit for correct linking, but we’ll leave the full posts up.

We hope that this new posting policy will help us have more productive conversations as the new semester begins. Thanks!