Two awesome Haverford events this week!

The first is the first meeting for the group formerly known as Consent is Sexy Advocacy Alliance. It’s now Allied Students for Consent (ASC), which is pronounced like ask–a thing you should be doing! The meeting is Tuesday at 10pm in Campus Center 205A.  Survivors and allies are welcome, regardless of how you felt about the various Consent is Sexy campaigns last semester.

We’ll be planning for the rest of the semester, and we want to cover three major things: creating a mission statement, setting priorities, and brainstorming projects/campaigns. Have a vision for promoting healthy sexual life at Haverford? Come to ASC’s first club meeting and share your thoughts! We know it’s on Valentine’s Day, so if you’ll be busy getting your consent on during the meeting, leave us anything you want to say in the comments.

The second is the long-awaited and highly anticipated return of Speak About It, a performance group from Bowdoin College in Maine. From the event description:

Speak About It is the wisdom of an array of mistakes, misfortunes, successes, and perspectives; a compilation of true stories that captures what healthy sex can and should look like, and how to spark dialogues about it. The program specifically addresses a number of issues including consent, sexual assault, and bystander intervention.

They performed during Customs this year, and everyone (including the skeptics) loved them. They’ll be at Founders Hall at 8 on Thursday (2/16). See you there!

TL;DR: Meeting for people who want to get involved on Tuesday at 10 in CC 205A, Performance for everybody on Thursday at 8 in Founders Hall. Both will be awesome.


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