Postering on Sunday

Allied Students for Consent (ASC) will be putting up new posters on Sunday at 8:30. If you want to join us, meet at the Campus Center Alumni Room (2nd floor, above the Coop Lounge). It should be a lot of fun! Here’s a list of the posters we’ll be putting up this time:

  • Consent is active, enthusiastic, and freely given.
  • ASC brings together survivors and allies of all genders and sexualities. We seek to prevent sexual violence, promote a survivor-friendly environment, and foster healthy sexual attitudes on campus through awareness, dialogue, and education.
  • What is consent? ASC me!
    How do you get consent?

  • Do you want to…
  • Do you like it when I…
  • What are you into?
  • Is this okay?
  • Are you sure?
    How do you give consent?

  • Yes!
  • I love it when you…
  • I want you to…
  • Keep going!
  • Harder
    What can “no” sound like?

  • (silence)
  • Not now
  • Maybe later
  • No, but do you want to…
  • I’m not sure
  • I don’t know
  • If you want to, I guess

Per your suggestions about reducing triggering, the “no” posters will all be outside of the dorms. Let us know if you have any other posters you’d like to see or any requests for minimizing your triggers.


3 thoughts on “Postering on Sunday

  1. While I think these are an improvement from the last posters, and I appreciate the advanced notice, I do not think it is fair to issue a trigger warning for the entire campus. 9 months or more of the year, Haverford is people’s home, and individuals on campus should not have to worry about random triggers while walking around at home.

  2. Two unfortunate facts:
    1) People can be triggered by anything. Random triggers are an everyday fact of life, and it’s not fair but it’s true. We tried to minimize triggering with these posters, and the warning was designed to help people prepare themselves. That said, it’s impossible to have a discussion about consent without triggering anyone.
    2) Haverford is people’s home, and individuals on campus should not have to worry about being raped. And yet, as many of the narratives here have shown, it’s the reality of many survivors on campus. We’re talking about consent because we–survivors and allies–want to reduce the number of sexual assaults here. These posters about communicating consent are specifically aimed at improving communication and recognizing that “no” can look different in different situations. The point is not to trigger people, obviously. The point is to create a culture of consent that works against the dominant rape culture.

  3. Some suggestions (feel free to use all, some, or none)

    How do I get consent?
    * Can I … you?
    * Do you like …?
    * I want to … you. Are you ok with that?
    * I’m really into … . Would you be up for that?
    * Let’s fill out a yes/no/maybe list together and then do the yes column.
    * I know I’m/you’re/we’re nervous about …, but do you want to try it anyway?

    How do I give consent?
    * Please … me!
    * (moan of pleasure)
    * Just like that!
    * (enthusiastic participation)
    * (gently direct your hand where I want it to show it’s ok to be there)
    * Yes, but only if we talk about it first

    What can “no” sound like?
    * Let’s talk about it first
    * (gently moving your hand away)
    * No thanks
    * I’m not really into that
    * That doesn’t do anything for me
    * That makes me nervous
    * I’m self conscious about that and it makes me uncomfortable
    * I’m not comfortable with that
    * (physically backing or turning away from touches/kisses)
    * Safeword!
    * I’d prefer it if you … instead
    * That’s against my beliefs
    * I don’t like …
    * Stop that
    * I’d rather cuddle right now
    * I want to go to sleep
    * I’m just not horny tonight
    * I’m waiting until I’m exclusive with someone/I’m in a relationship/married/the third date
    * I’m already dating someone else/I have a boyfriend/girlfriend

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