One in Four- attendance lacking

I attended Monday night’s One in Four talk “by men for men” (but women could attend). The One in Four talk was really well presented. Rape is a sensitive subject, and the One in Four representatives handled it really well. They presented the definition of rape, how rape can happen, statistics about rape and sexual assault, how rape can be prevented… and, what men can do to support a survivor of rape and/or sexual assault. This is normally a talk that is reserved only for men, but One in Four made an exception and made it a co-ed talk so that women could attend. If I could have, I would have insisted everyone on campus attend the talk. There are students on campus who are survivors of rape and sexual assault. I’m sure a lot of students (male students included) know another student who is a survivor. I was disappointed to find that only 3 men attended (along with 15 or so women). So why weren’t they attending the One in Four talk to learn how to better support their friends? Was it simply a lack of advertising? Lack of interest? Are they just trying to avoid discomfort? I’d be interested in seeing this entry become the beginning of a discussion. Why aren’t men more involved in the Women’s Center? Why aren’t men attending the Rape and Sexual Assault Month events? What can we do to encourage men to become more active in that regard? Men, please speak up!


5 thoughts on “One in Four- attendance lacking

  1. As a man on campus who really wanted to attend this event, I was really frustrated to be made aware of this awesome group coming to campus less than a week in advance. Mondays are a really hard day of the week, and it’s a busy time of year for everyone…I know publicity is not easy, but I wish I could have attended…and would have tried to do so more successfully if the word had been gotten out earlier.

    • That’s on me (Christine). Because of the way scheduling worked out both with the group and with Student Activities, we finalized the date/location for the event less than a week in advance, and I didn’t have time to publicize it more. Sorry about that!

  2. As a man on campus who wanted to get involved but immediately recoiled in horror when articles like “In Rape Culture, All Men are Guilty Until Proven Innocent,” began popping up, I suggest you try to distance yourself from such things.

    • Admin/ASC co-head note: We approve all posts and comments that fall within the posting guidelines. Approval does not in anyway mean that we agree with what is being posted. This blog is a space of dialogue for everyone, not only ourselves. As a group, ASC does not uniformly endorse the views of that article or any other that has been posted here. We merely provide the forum– the Haverford community provides the content.

    • Member of ASC and Haverford male here: yes, articles like “In Rape Culture…” are unpleasant in their stereotyping of men and I would be lying if I didn’t admit I got very angry at the author of that piece for condemning his sex so thoroughly. As the admin noted, ASC does not condone the messages they allow to appear on this site (some of the responses they’ve gotten should attest to this), but these opinions need to be recognized in order to open the discussion.

      Please, if you are interested in having an impact with the campaign, come to a meeting – Sundays at 8pm in the Alumni Room, third-floor Campus Center – and make your voice heard. As members of this community, we should be able to discuss issues of great importance and sensitivity. Semi-anonymous message boards and poster campaigns, while necessary to spread the word, are only a first step in that discussion.

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