Shocking Article

I found this shocking article in an urban policy magazine. What do you think? Although I find the premise flawed, some of the points it brings up are worth considering.

The Campus Rape Myth


2 thoughts on “Shocking Article

  1. Shall I be the first to touch this one? I think it’s unfortunate that the article uses such inflammatory terminology, since it makes a ton of really solid points. This is my favorite passage (though again, I acknowledge that I would have put it a bit differently myself):

    “Members of the multifaceted campus sex bureaucracy never seem to consider the possibility that the libertinism that one administrative branch champions, and the sex that another branch portrays as rape, may be inextricably linked… Modern feminists defined the right to be promiscuous as a cornerstone of female equality. Understandably, they now hesitate to acknowledge that sex is a more complicated force than was foreseen. Rather than recognizing that no-consequences sex may be a contradiction in terms, however, the campus rape industry claims that what it calls campus rape is about not sex but rather politics—the male desire to subordinate women.

    “This characterization may or may not describe the psychopathic violence of stranger rape. But it is an absurd description of the barnyard rutting that undergraduate men, happily released from older constraints, seek. The guys who push themselves on women at keggers are after one thing only, and it’s not a reinstatement of the patriarchy. Each would be perfectly content if his partner for the evening becomes president of the United States one day, so long as she lets him take off her panties tonight.”

  2. Note: I recognize that my response does not encompass all of the article (whose stupidity was far-reaching and vast) or encompass the many ways in which rape culture and sexism effects people of all genders. I am just intending to respond to the passage the first commentor posted).

    Are you fucking kidding me? Yes, sex has “consequences” (sometimes pleasure, sometimes regret). Rape, however is not a “consequence” of people having lots of sex. It is the consequence of one person being a complete asshole. It is like saying that being mugged is just a consequence of encouraging more people to go to the ATM, so people who said you should go to the ATM should have thought it through more. This kind of reasoning takes the responsibility off of those who actively perpetrate a crime and puts it on those who thought it was okay for people to have consensual sex when and with whom they wanted.

    Also, when undergraduate men perpetuate rape culture and/or rape women, they are engaging in sexism. Even if these same men who think it is okay to have sex with me without my consent thought it was totally cool to have a woman as president, I think there is probably something deeply sexist about a man who thought it was cool to penetrate me when I didn’t want him to. Maybe some rapists commit the act because they are assholes towards everyone. But the fact is that the majority of rapes are committed by men against women in a culture where people (particularly certain stereotypically “macho” undergrad men) trivialize violence against women. This is probably indicative of a whole lotta sexism. I don’t know about other women out there, but having a man think it is okay to rape me because I am a woman feels sexist to me.

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