ASC Presents: Shorts…. TONIGHT!

Tonight at 8pm in the Old Squash Courts, Allied Students for Consent brings you a walking tour of different short films and slam poetry centered around themes of rape culture and sexual violence, both at home and abroad. The different screenings will be followed by a short talk-back, where people can reflect on what they have seen.

Topics covered include sexual violence in South Africa, cultivation of healthy masculinity, slut-shaming, excusing campus rape through the old adage “boys will the boys, victim-blaming, portrayals of violence against women in the media, and the power of the word “no.”  The various film clips are divided into “potentially triggering” and “less triggering,” and members of ASC will be on hand to guide visitors to their films of choice.  So join us, for free condoms, information, and community dialogue about one of the critical issues on our campus and in our world!

*This event is part of a series presented in observance of Rape and Sexual Assault Awareness Month.


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