Mission Statement: Allied Students for Consent (ASC) brings together survivors and allies of all genders and sexualities. We seek to prevent sexual violence, promote a survivor-friendly environment, and foster healthy sexual attitudes on campus through awareness, dialogue, and education.

ASC began as Consent is Sexy in Fall 2011. As Consent is Sexy, we organized the yellow postering campaign, tabled for signatures on the “Got Consent? YES!” poster, collected signatures for an open letter to the deans, and moderated this blog. The organizing committee became a part of Haverford’s Sexual Misconduct Policy Advisory Committee (SMPAC), an official committee of the college that came out of the Consent is Sexy campaign.

We ultimately decided to change the group’s name from Consent is Sexy to Allied Students for Consent. In part this decision came out of discussions about whether the Consent is Sexy moniker, though quite popular, projected the assumption that getting and giving consent was inherently sexy.  We felt it would be more appropriate to shift to a neutral title, so we could still express how consent can be sexy without suggesting that it always is or should be.

To get involved, email The current club contacts are Julia Hunter ( and Melissa Lee-Litowitz (


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