Posting Guidelines

Consent is Sexy bloggers are survivors and allies. If you want to post something, go to and log in as consentissexyguest, password: thisisthepassword. Your post will be subject to administrator approval, but we’ll put it up unless it violates the Honor Code or the ground rules laid out below. You can also email with your post through an anonymous remailer, and we’ll put it up.

If you want to write as yourself instead of anonymously, email to get your own username and password.

Here are some ground rules:

  1. No outing. Don’t out someone as a survivor, a perpetrator, or a passive bystander. If you want to be out yourself, email us so we can give you a username. Please don’t just sign your name at the bottom–anyone could do that for you, and we want to protect your privacy.
  2. Trust, concern, and respect still apply.
  3. We (the admins) reserve the right to refuse to post something. We’ll let you know why if we do that.
  4. We may edit your post for formatting, spelling, and links. We will never edit the content (even word choice) of a post we put up without telling you.
  5. We will no longer accept whole posts taken from an outside source. Quote a paragraph or two and then link to the other blog (use the link button right next to right align at the top of the editor to activate the link).